Monday, October 25, 2010

everyone has their own sound*

i want to shatter something. throw it across the room and hear it break. but then i want to dance in a greengreen garden dusted with sparkly things that the sun hits perfectly. and to feel like everything is happening in slow motion.
today's song obsession: let it out now by leeland. currently addicted to calla. the day was filled with: new old bedrooms. writing loveletters. us, just being.together in the best way. longing for: new places. beautiful snow with miss adachi. and our long awaited skype-date.
You ride away
as though it's
already behind you
Lost to marvelous things
for me to gather
all the broken
skeleton leaves
and torn dragonfly wings
tied together
like soft whispers
don't let them touch
can't let them see
drowning now
like butterflies
in a honey sea.
reading justagirl. makes me go "awww". and makes me love you even more. and. it makes me realise that maybe (just maybe) i should ease up, bc shame you really like him.
  "I love you, more than blurs on my eyelashes (tinted with eventide) and the summer sunset at twilight and bird faces on the moon. (Your ladder to the stars)"
my world hurts when youre not in it. and that seems like all the time these days...

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