Wednesday, September 8, 2010

and i will make you sound like..*

"well, now i don't have a chance with any of the girls in this room.."
oh, my boy..
if only you knew
if only you tried
if only she had told me
that you looked at me like that
my restless heart would
stop for a second
and then beat for you always.
if only her first reaction was different
if only she didn't catch your eye
youd see through her laugh, her dance
and hate me for not showing you
the truth before it broke you
if only i could be
embracing fall with missadachi
with the boy who chose his girlfriend over our friendship
rushing with jessicasmith
exploring restaurants in town
listening to this wonderful cd
-without wanting to share it all with you
if only you saw the way your eyes shine
the way your heart glows
and my world reflects it all back to you
"pick me
choose me
love me"
for now i will attempt to sleep
and not dream of ending friendships. again.
tomorrow is one of lastminutes. birthdays. and a night with sarahjane <3

enchantedhappy xoxo

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