Tuesday, September 7, 2010

stop procrastinating, finish your posters. GO*

gosh, how great are zebras? VERY. You know what else is cute..? *you guessed it* SQUIRRELS. please please please, charles. pleeeaaaassse.
today i learnt: never to buy benben a large smoothie. ever again. ever. that people steam cakes. -with irons (ahem ahem zoe). that andrew winter did not infact buy his license, and is a wonderfully capable driver. and a very efficient fudge-stealer. tonight we had birthday dinner and pinkchampagne. and many many photographs (which youre also not going to see..)
things im dying to tell you but probably never will: youre going to be an amazing husband. and a wonderful father. but really. sitting: under my camprock blanket. watching seasonfour. waiting: for you to finally realise. and tell me what to do. wishing: that even for a moment, things could be simple. me and you. yes or no. cake or... ahh who am i kidding, always cake.

enchantedhappy xoxo

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