Wednesday, September 29, 2010

she's a good girl..*

many things i missed this morning: summers away at the beach with you. perfect birthdays. best friends who can eat as much cake as i can. not having to explain myself, bc you can see it before i even breathe your name. you being here with me.
but as the day progressed, so my world improved.
dinner plans with my inspiration. a completely quotable movie. squishy candy. a beautiful day of sunshine. application forms. bonding with my brother. roads lined with greengreen trees. new glee episodes. catchy lovesongs. rubyred nailpolish. driving through the city at night. today was filled with life's little joys*
my heart is smiling, as i drink my delicious hot rooibos tea and tell you i want you to bake me a cake. bc nothing makes me happy like watching the sun sparkle on the sea* that, and having the most incredible friends in the world :)
songs of the night: every song i have by matthewmole. (

enchantedhappy xoxo

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