Sunday, October 3, 2010

she's nineteen*

[my birthday sunrise]
today was a fairytale*
it really really was. completely perfect :)
it began way before midnight sang to me.
and the way my heart feels will last way past twentyfourhours.
there's nothing like a perfect birthday to make you feel loved.
[yes i did wear my tiara everywhere i went today]
i wish i could mention every moment that made me smile
im happy happy happy!
im wearing way too much jewellery, and il never take it off.
song obsession: miss nothing by theprettyreckless.
christmas movies. massacre stories. philosophy 101. sunrise. cranberryjuice. flowers. "who's amanda?" faraway friends. lost recipes. love letters. no rain. fireflies. forever friends. wonderful surprises. lovely bedtime phonecall. feeling like a princess. you singing my name..
 i have incredible friends!
birthday birthday birthday

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