Tuesday, October 5, 2010

square one is lightness*

i found my truelove today.
on made.
between his ghostchair wayfarers, his love for the 50s and his amazingly preppy outfits..
i can just tell, it's meant to be!
and if for some reason he doesn't feel the same way.. #highlyunlikely
il find love in: cotton shirtdresses, reading in the sunshine, walking across bridges, early morning beach moments, beautiful doorways, being the only one in the street, staring up at the sky, or into the ocean..
waiting: for thursday. craving: lemon sorbet and heavenlyhash. listening to: coldplay.
all i want to do tomorrow is learn to play guitar.
today's song obsession: introducing me by nickjonas.
these photos [via pepperandchips] are exactly how i feel tonight.

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