Wednesday, October 6, 2010

and my heart*

 [today's desktop background]
spent this morning..
reading: nylon.
painting: my nails electricblue
listening to: the killers
 today's #fashioncraving: thigh-high tights. and the perfect tshirt dress.
 in other news of the day:
 my favourite berrysmoothie at cgc with C.
in the greatest takeaway cup.
 bc they know #thatshowilikeit.
and then he diagnosed me with sometihng serious-sounding
so we watched the wrestling in india.
[songs of the day: bones / a white demon love song by thekillers. ]
rightnow id like:
to be on the beach, very early in the morning.
 when it's misty
but fresh
and everything seems to whisper

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