Thursday, September 2, 2010

happybirthday sarahmurphy*

it's eight twenty. lisa is sleeping in my bed. the dogs next door are barking. i'm busy stalking Lord_Voldemort7's tweets.bc theyre hilarious and brilliant. i just finished my tea. aaaand. ohmygosh its eight twenty.
Things i don't understand: What we did before we got a dishwasher. WHAT is up with Nu Metro making me BUY 3D glasses?! Could you not have told me this before I left my 8 other pairs at home. And we allll know your 'glasses aren't included in ticket price' line is a FAKESTORY. No need to lie. How sethcohen is so dang amazing. [WHY.-no. HOW you felt you had to do this at seven am, and then leave. with me feeling like this. it's just rude and you should be ashamed. i am sorry though. truly and completely. tell me how to make this right] Aaaand. I am fully going to be lame and agree with the hype: stepup3D. INSANELY COOL. Also (and more importantly) I'm in love with Moose. More than I was in the "tastes like candycanes at christmaaas" days. WAY more. So backoff. Mine. ("mine mine mine" *just for you chaitea*)
In other news of the day. Allll of you. Yes, even you. Should click on this link now. And follow my friend's blog. Bc apprently she's getting marked on the amount of followers she has. For school. Kay GO. I'm off to watch The OC, and hope Seth can make me feel better... And wonder (but not care) if the "Californiaaaa" will wake Lisa up..

enchantedhappy xoxo

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