Thursday, August 12, 2010

i see through it now*

the piano whispers
her deepest truest wish
floating her hopes through the air i breathe
gently falling upon my tiny bruised heart
are the secrets she
dares to set alight

[images via sequinmagazine/herecomesthesun/weliveyoung]
seriously considering just not going to bed. i have to be awake again in less than three hours. my electricblanket (oh, how i love my electricblanket) is all warm and waiting for me, though. it's just.. so lovely here. blogging. listening to taylorswift. sending colourful emails filled with my every thought. loving: the 'a wedding in the woods' shoot. the idea of being inlove is something ive always believed in. i believe that perfect moments happen. i believe there's one person meant to make your heart sparkle. and i believe that someday, when our hearts are complete enough on their own, he and i will be madly inlove. and we will venture out into the world. being us. creating what will be ours. together. and i believe that love, true love, lasts forever.

enchantedhappy xoxo

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