Thursday, July 22, 2010

meant to publish this lastnight*

yesterday i: learnt that in madagascar, on our way to the hospital each morning, we walk along the beach. fell in love with jo's puppy. renamed jo's puppy. succesfully made a meal. hijacked jo's fb. spent all day with medical council folders. ate four pears. found chloe's skirt. contemplated the similarities between love and death.
today i: woke up with superfastjellyfish stuck in my head.-still going. now i just feel like fruitloops. then i realised ive never had luckycharms. and kinda feel left out. found a really pretty keyring for missadachi.
jo is moving. into her own place. gosh. *so jealous* and so sad. so many memories in her house. so many things i thought we'd always do there. oh well.
went to greenmarketsquare on a hunt. such beautiful jewellery. felt so horrible being like 'no thank you, im just looking'. it's weird that that's my automatic response. it's like.. growing up i've been.. desensitized. you want two rand? no, i can smell the alcohol alll over you. i'm not gonna give you money to feed into your addiction. but then i just walk away. surely that's worse. i guess i could justify it by sayin that i'm using my discretion. and there are some people who have stopped trying to improve their situations, relying on begging and sleeping on the streets. i once met a man who had lost all his family bc his wife lied to her new boyfriend, and basically stole their house away from him. he has by no means lost his will to live, but he doesn't see the need to get a job and find a house or reunite with his children. he continues to smoke and is quite happy to live on the streets. -something i can't understand. but does that give me reason to decide if he should get lunch today or not? on the other hand, should it be my responsibility?
[overthinking today lol]
stalking cadbury. and celebrities. for work. yes, i have the greatest job.

enchantedhappy xoxo

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