Saturday, June 12, 2010

to inspire my dreaming*

i have a good... four hours.. before blackbelt arrives and rings the doorbell which i must answer. tomorrow is the germany game, must be awake.. bedtime is soon*
fun fact of the day: i need like a hundred fillings. shocking! and now (bc of lisa's freak out reaction) frightening. geeez. [no klohe, not gees. shame cousin..]

it still amazes me how effortlessly cool french bloggers and their friends are. i heart blackorchid. [and i'm thinking about investing in an orchid...]
"I loved you
because you see beauty
in the things that are broken
frayed around the edges
they make you wake
on rays of kissing sun
to your whale heart
all ready to swallow all the sadness
spouting out gold and honey so sweet
and if you get cut
you bleed your flood of glitter
and move along
even if you get bruised and broken
you still have room in that whale soul
to creep around
the caves and
sea mountains
and find just a speck
of hope"

don't you ever forget that.
currently loving: wildfox ads. strong black coffee. nude nailpolish. the return of my mug..well, the reincarnation.. (lisafortuin, stop laughing.we have a great bond, my mug and i). the fact that i can have an actual song as my ringtone. lisa adachi's haircut (it's still longer than mine haha, but dang 29 inches wow). the idea of a new stash of cool tights. adrianna's songs in the new 90210 episodes. the world cup. -highlight of tonight's game? the first closeup of beckham :)
jokes, it was a hectic game. fast-paced. with actual fouls for a change. and gosh, all the goal attempts are not good for my heart. but yes, that beckham moment.. very much appreciated*
oh gosh, it's almost five! -okay goodnight all (i'm pretty sure that's a line from a cold medicine ad...)
enchantedhappy xoxo

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Lis said...

I love* being tagged in your posts.. it just makes my day you know that? You are an inspiration to all. Love you

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