Sunday, April 11, 2010

now is a phase*

dear lady. although i am quite enjoying your blazer, i find your outfit quite plain. in an only-almost classic way. the ordinary is having a calming effect on me, though. which i need. it may be the blue-ness. perhaps i will buy you some bold accessories online. with stefans credit card. which i am currently in possession of. oooh. until i decide for sure, i will continue to stalk the fifa website while listening to scouting for girls.

no sleep tonight, there'll be sleep tonight. yes, i shall listen to the faders next. haven't spent all night online since.. charles. after a while, it gets a lil less exciting alone lol. there are only so many cool things faran can find to put on nylon's blog in one night. okay let me reply to V before she accuses me of replying super late again. [no this is not a personal attack on you, victoria.] iv been brainstorming with hollie, well, more like at hollie. about the name of my new blog. 'another midnight' seems to be high up there. although it contains none of my favourite words, i quite like it*

enchantedhappy xoxo

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