Friday, April 9, 2010

you built up a world of magic / because your real life is tragic*

it rained all through the night. all through the day. and it was wonderful*

this girl is very pretty. i would like her jacket. and the image is via jak&jil. which im addicted to. just like pepperandchips. and blackcurrant jellypowder. mmm delicious! i spent the day wearing grey. with my daddy's big german military coat. wearing lovely red lipstick, like hers. i went a lil overboard with the screwdriver in my wall. and i had a good, productive conversation with demi. who, later on in the day, i cried about. yeah, loserish. but it was an emotional moment. i can't believe that, after everything we've shared, the three of us are going to be apart for so long. today, roz reminded me how incredibly gorgeous both zac efron and chace crawford are. and she may or may not have reignited an obsession. ooh and today stefan did his first stitches. -closing up someone's chest, dang. im going to paint my nails deep purple now. lastnight i watched the episode of HIMYM about 'firsts'. but tomorrow will be filled with lasts.

oh. i would like to take this opportunity to formally and publicly apologize to victoria. for the oh-so-many wrong things i did in the previous post. the usage of improper vocabulary in close proximity to your name was blatantly unacceptable. i hope someday all shall be set right. justice must be served.

enchantedhappy xoxo

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