Monday, April 12, 2010

sing it back to me*

today it was too hot. i dream of wintery days and wake up with a nice warm outfit in mind and then bang, it's hot. gosh, weather! oh i developed a theory that all my clothes would be put to optimum use if i had black ankle boots and charcoal brogues. please and thank you. and i would like for the airport to become the new place to be. like 'let's go for an exciting beverage at vida at the airport. and then we'll go pick out necklaces and bags at accessorize. and supercute la senza underwear. and indulge in expensive magazines and all the pretty books. and pick out beautiful polo luggage we'll probably never actually own' (yes that's exactly what i did today*) and now im listening to 'brand new eyes' over and over. and over. bc my dear brother has lost all of my other cds and forgot where he put mnr ipod. gosh, kids today. flip i fully just ate an entire tub of icecream. not in an emo 'i just broke up with my boyfriend and im heartbroken, all i can do right now is sit on my bed with my best friend' way. in a 'daaang that's GOOD icecream, i'm gonna enjoy the deliciousness of it! and then not realise how far i took that concept' way. omg im gonna be obese someday. oh well* atleast i got to experience the yumminess of life :)
sending off some more packages today, filled with love and magic :) it's so exciting* i love mail. and suuuper long letters, yay! i wonder where in the world the valentines day packages have gone bc they most certainly havent reached alexander and lisaaaa.

i can't believe i cried so much today. i'm really going to miss you, demilicious. you better come home before matty-c gets married. if he ever speaks to you again ;) be good, memi. and you WILL buy me all those magazines, every month til i see you again. i'm actually researching flights right now. denver to LAX; spend some time in cali. and then (woopwoop) LAX to frisco*
anyway, off to eat even more yummy chocolate cake. and to drink even more lemon honey rooibos tea. i shall spend the rest of the evening alternating between 90210 and HIMYM. still haven't started 'dear john' but i guess il start it later this week. i'm not emotionally ready for another complicated relationship and tangled emotions. the last few books iv read have been filled with deceit and attempts at justifying having an affair, and i feel.. contaminated. it's a horrible feeling being deeply entrenched in a world where all this immoral stuff is condoned. so i need some good in my life for a bit :) i shall look for a happier book. lol*

enchantedhappy xoxo

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