Sunday, March 28, 2010

we could paint the roses*

so. after much .. let's call it drama. it's been decided that i am moving out of my bedroom. which i love. so i have to clear everything out. like right now. and now i have a room which isnt even part of the house. it's by the back garden. but okay. i guess i can recreate it however i want. bc right now it's .. let's say.. going for the industrial vibe.

i am painting a wall this turquoise colour. and doing the frame vibe.
and i will have pretty fairy lights. which i already have. but i will use them more often. bc im outside. of the world. haha. oh yay can i have the huge mirror. and a chandelier please*
i want to live in a palace*
that would be lovely. and i could dance around in really big hallways with high ceilings.
but not today i guess.
enchantedhappy xoxo


Lis said...

ps: I love your blog more than anyone elses. I hope you painted your walls a beautiful, happy, cheerful color- like you! :)

I am rearranging my room too. It's still processing. That turqoise color is my favorite. did you also know that turquoise is the color of 2010?? :)

Love you

enchantedhappy said...

ah i bet you say that to all ur blogging friends ;) and i love yours*

my room is also still in the process of being redone. im quite likin the vibe tho :) i see potential* yay turquoise!

wow really? i didn't know years had colours! that's really cool! letmeknow how ur room's coming along!

Forever and always xoxo

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