Saturday, March 27, 2010

and i knew it was you*

i want to go somewhere sparkly. so sparkly that i can't help but smile. so sparkly that it'll outshine everything else in my life. and then i want to spin around so it all blurs together.

and i want the three of us to be reunited. it's not the same without you.. i thought it would be fine. but when thursday night happened.. it wasn't. anyway, if you were here, we would drive around with nowhere to go. and play music really loud. singing along, and missing all the notes. you'd know i wanted to cry. and wait until i did. and then you would give me the best advice. and we would eat random food. which you made while i watched tv :)
*sigh* it would be lovely if we could just..

i want pretty grey boots. and lil black ankle boots.

"Do you like Shakespeare, Jeff Buckley, watching movies on Sundays?
Do you like kissing when its raining, making faces in the station?
Do you like…I need to know.
Do you like…Before you go.
Show me the place where you come from
And the places you dream of
I wanna know everything you are
But before we get that far..."

so i shall go back to listening to my ipod. and singing very loudly.
i have no idea what im going as to the hollywood halloween party tonight. i love the theme. i hope i go to the states before halloween. as for the outift.. we'll have to see what spontaneity brings* and then later i get to spend the night mocking victoria. yay!
im glad it's raining. i like it when the weather matches my mood.
enchantedhappy xoxo

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