Sunday, March 28, 2010

bound by when*

hmmm i don't know how i feel about that just yet. ah but it reminds me, one day at work i found this thing called operation beautiful. where they leave post-its randomly everywhere for other women. telling them they are great, and beautiful and wonderful. it's so cute*
i spent today listening to mutemath. and then 'brand new eyes' over and over. the entire album is just so great. i feel like im living inside 'brick by boring brick'. lol im so overboard dramatic. anyway, now im listening to the carolina liar album, coming to terms. and pondering what i shall be wearing to work tomorrow. if only i knew it would be rainy* i want to wear my boots... maybe even a coat! that would be wonderful! so this weekend was.. eventful. and lacked in hours of sleep. and i once again realised how amazing victoria and B are. for real. i am really lucky to have them in my life. anywaaaay. pizza pizza yay thanks daddy :) i just realized il get keys to my bedroom bc it's like not part of the house. oooh yay. now i must find the perfect keyring!
i think i shall go to bed now. i want to read..
ohmygosh how pretty is this room?! i want to live there.
and i want to be a princess. please*
enchantedhappy xoxo

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