Wednesday, October 14, 2009

run baby, run*

i love love this photo yay* it's one of those intensely fun party vibes i mysteriously enjoy*
wow they look so great, the hair, lipstick, clothes, colours. ahhh :)

ooh i decided that my new vibe = bright pink lipstick/gloss. all the time. with jeans and a tshirt. wen im dressing up. to a friend's house. partially inspired by taylor momsen. partially bc i found a wonderful so excited!

yay yay, so cool :) i want to dye my hair dark again. but it magically made itself this random brown, which i quite enjoy when im in the sunlight* so i may hold out on the dye for a lil. it is tempting tho..

black lipstick. could it work in real life, on people who aren't scary emo? hmm. i quite enjoy the really deep purple vibe.. like Lil J near the end of season 2 of gossipgirl. (the day she wore the lacy dress to graduation woopwoop) .. and hello, bright sunglasses, let's be friends :)

i've had the song 'check yes juliet' by stuck in my head all week. so cute n fun*
"Check yes Juliet
I'll be waiting
Wishing, wanting
Your's for the taking
Just sneak out
And don't tell a soul goodbye
Check yes Juliet
Here's the countdown
3, 2, 1, now fall in my arms now
They can change the locks
Don't let them change your mind"
embrace the sunshine xoxo

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