Monday, October 12, 2009

dear lisa..*

i absolutely love this photo! it's just.. wow.
sorta how i love the *lightbulb moment* we had today.. this book is goin to be crazycool :) or, as u so eloquently put it..
"stupid, but funny"
"highly entertaining"
"a true-life story, -very comical"

i think i need to start living more.. dangerously. lol. all for the book, you know :) haha oh this is goin to be great. the perfect excuse. lol and i really enjoyed the "they could make it into a TV show" and then the "oh.. wait. this sounds so familiar" moment*

marc jacobs.. wow. yes, please :)

flip, i think it's so cute that someone put so much effort into this. it's super cute!
have a magical week xoxo

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