Wednesday, November 17, 2010

to be alive*

 now that i know enchanted is about him, ive rekindled my fascination with adam's tweets. and he just keeps getting better. in other news of the day: ive been listening to old playlists. aand cleaning the kitchen [whuuuut. yeah i speak truth.]
[glee + teenvogue = like heaven]
ive eaten too much chocolate cupcake batter. mmm so delicious, but all i want is water for the rest of the day. for now, im gonna keep watching my favourite part of camprock over and over. "been feeling lost, can't find the words to say.."
so inlove with her dress.
wishing: i could play guitar.
contemplating: how much things can change in a week.
aaand my new life goal: working for unicef.
{live like there's no tomorrow by selenagomez}
happy wednesday everyone xoxo

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