Friday, August 13, 2010

you should be so lucky*

"yes i own the hotel, and live in it. my life is very much like monopoly"
 ilovethismovie :) two favourite songs so far: big yellow taxi. and magic moments. haha and theyre testing the bed's bounciness. this is a GREAT movie* lovely lovely movie. hugh grant, you rock my world. and sandra bullock rocks yours. ah love* hmmm. shall i watch youvegotmail next? perhaps. tomorrow is simply asia day. i love the concept of i make. you wear it.  and generally im not a fan of those 'fill in your version of the survey' things. at all. but hey. why not...
flowers or shapes? flowers please. in my hair, and in vases around my house like in thegreatgatsby. but if stars count as shapes, stars always win. always.
"but if it's any consolation, i will be dead eventually."
"that's just silly. have you met everybody on the planet?"
my favourite disney villian: i dont like villians. they scare me. i generally scream at them. and the main character for trusting them. do they never learn?
my favourite clothing item when i was little: um. how little? i went through so many phases. when i was like.. a baby. my strawberry dress, (HIMYM moment: "her name was strawberry!!") my mommy embroidered it. later on...3/4 pants. and platforms. haha. yes i had kicks. i lost one when we lived in the hotel in atlanta. yes lived. for long. best experience ever. the losing of the shoe ended the phase. but it was okay, bc id just had my pink fakesnakeskin pants made. OH YES I DID.
rightnow, id most like to wear: hmm. the chiffondress blair's minion wears to the snowflake ball.
the worst thing i ever did was: perhaps that time i pretended to have run away and my parents got all the neighbours involved in the search for me. only to find id been hiding in the secret compartment of my cupboard for hours? i dno, that could be it...
where is your cellphone rightnow? on the table next to me. i just got an sms from victoria. reminding me of what id said.
"okay, we obviously can't leave you alone with a stapler"
my hair: NEVER grows. whhhy does it hate me?! don't answer that. actually, maybe do.
"like a bobcat salty type pretzel.. because that's what men want."
when i grow up i want to be: mostly the girl i described yesterday. the girl who sparkles when she walks. and lives in the moment. the girl who lights up a room. who lights up his eyes. i want to always be living out my passion. i want to always be living for jesus. living with god as my centre. i want to inspire your hearts. i want to be honest and trusting. spontaneous and true. to be the most sincere, loyal friend. i want to be an encouragement. to be a source of strength. never to need to run to someone, but to always have people in my life who i can run to. i always want to believe in love, wishing on stars and the beauty of dreams. more than anything else, all ive ever wanted to be, is truly happy. truly deeply completely happy.

enchantedhappy xoxo

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