Friday, August 13, 2010

a million times before*

[image via herecomesthesun]
thelakehouse is on. but im trying not to pay attention, incase it breaks my heart. countdown to twoweeksnotice: thirtyseven minutes. "you weren't there. you didn't come." oh no, she sounds devastatingly calm. aaah he's asking her not to give up. whhhy is this movie on. why. (don't listen, andrea. don't listen to their heartbreak.)
(i love kittypaws. paws paws kittypaws.) stalking: forme-foryou. wonderful weekend photos. she has 'you are beautiful' engraved into her bedroom mirror. wears nailpolish in the colours i love. loves to photograph her cat. and she does 'this is what we ate' posts that actually look delicious. my calendar alarm for twoweeksnotice just went off. [view. confirm] i am taking this really seriously, haha im a strange lil girl. you know what i havent done in a while? iced cupcakes. and remember those homemade suckers? mmm summer.  
enchantedhappy xoxo

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