Friday, August 13, 2010

to be your anything*

[images via seemeeverywhere/artpixie]
that's how you make my heart feel. like it should twirl around and smile that smile. the smile only you can read, the smile your heart knows*
(nothing makes me smile like a new taylorswift song. and i just got a ton) rightnow im laughing at: monologue song (la la la) from when she was on snl. it's the greatest* mmm daddy's making delicous food. countdown to twoweeksnotice: three hours. countdown to thelakehouse: onehourhour. (not sure if ill be watching it though. my dad just told me it's like meetjoeblack, which broke my heart.) waitingfordinner songs: americangirl. your anything. barnyard song. lucky you. all by (you guessed it) taylorswift. apparently there are russian girls looking for me. um. no thankyou. i miss: gilmoregirls. blowpen artwork. the night we all stayed up downloading the chords to songs we loved to sing. you on guitar. and the 6am roadtrip that followed. mmmm freshcoriander. peppadew and feta. wonderful pesto. freshlybaked pitabread. exciting flavours exciting colours. I LOVE FOOD*

enchantedhappy xoxo

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