Friday, August 13, 2010

from the second hotel*

[images via weliveyoung]
today. delicious berry smoothies that tasted like carefree afternoons. conversation with rene. discovered my inner musical prodigy. oh, and medschool was wonderful. the day has been one of sunshine and lovely friends. (some less lovely than others...*just sayin*) also, for a moment this afternoon.. i was in a room ("dieseksiesaal." fun to read, fun to say) with many many tables. and many many dead bodies. and tumors with hair inside. This Is Med School. [the bone marrow is the factory] tonight it's me on the couch, strawberrycheesecake icecream and twoweeksnotice. couldn't ask for anything more :) except maybe for you to see what she's really doing. still listening to: mine and i'd lie. also: boyfriend by thebestcoast -the lyrics are whiny, but the melody makes my head spin :) scissor runner by jennyandjohnny. king of the beach by thewavves. now it's the weekend, go out and play!

enchantedhappy xoxo

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