Wednesday, August 18, 2010

contemplating you*

i came across these. they made me think of you.technically, im having tea. but i still cant get over how epic it is that you have a megaphone. and how priceless it would be to witness you telling your mom a story when she's upstairs. 
 we don't make sense. but you mean the world to me. so, like everything else. just accept.
we all say it now. especially the boys. silly influencial americans, they think they can just come here and change our vocabulary :) gosh.
today's number: 43. fragrance: white musk by thebodyshop. favourite meal: (tempted to say the eighth slice of pb toast..) tasty vegetarian-friendly wraps by daddy. favourite moment: ky. song: american girl by taylorswift. someone. tell me where my favourite places are. such a simple question. and yet.. it's proven so difficult. *freaking out* tomorrow is: make-britt-study-while-you-watch-skins-on-her-wonderful-mac day. oh, and soupkitchen-with-ali day. #ilovethegaplife. (twitter is life. only lisafortuin will get this.)
enchantedhappy xoxo

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