Sunday, August 15, 2010

and it seems to me*

this weekend i learnt a lot. about myself. and the person i am around different people. about canalwalk. and islam. lastnight: we found a new parkingplace. and finally went into legends. then the night took an interesting turn. which began with kyle's attempt at filtering wine through his extreme coffee machine. and ended with his probable decision never to invite lisafortuin and i over again. atleast not until he covers his apartment in plastic. *awkward* tonight we went to this INSANE show at C's school. (ilovetygerbergcampus) jessicasmith, you would have LOVED it! it was glee X100 000. gonna try get the dvd. aaaand. i had a lightbulb moment. and wrote a list. and happened to make sense of my life. reading vicki's blog made my head start spinning allll over again. argh, i have so much in my head. but. im falling asleep rightnow. which is good. so im embracing it :) until next time....

enchantedhaapy xoxo

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