Monday, July 12, 2010

and you put it through...sunny side up*

yesterday was jo's nineteenth. and the final. a wonderful day. a very long night*
this morning: i woke up early and waited outside the office for half an hour. was oatmeal monday. tamlin showed us her homemade muesli. i listened to demi lovato. dashboard confessional. and the camprock soundtrack.
[the night we lost the dvd remote and couldnt watch glee has sparked a reunion with my box sets of The OC]
i've learnt how dangerous a lack of sleep can be. exhibit a: the opsmile office today. but really. gosh. and yes i did just awwww and almost cry at victoria's last post. yay south africa*
(wow im very dramatic today. first blogslapping, now this.)
i wish i had time to watch cute happy movies.
(bc i don't go to fakeschool. *ahem ahem* yes i am jealous)
also, thank you jessicasmith and cousin for killing this vibe. and thanks for the romantic office pop-in info-session boyfriend-analyse profile-stalking wine-overseas-discussion.
dear jono, apparently one night wasn't enough. but smoothies and icecream and endless amounts of caramel will make it better :)

ah 500 days of summer. miss adachi, enjoy the rest of yours. without fb :)

enchantedhappy xoxo


Lis said...

haha you make me smile:)

I've heard 500DOS is a good movie, would you agree? gosh I could stalk the pictures on your blog forever and ever!!

I had Jefferson change the password on my FB for me.. Suddenly it feels real haha gosh I feel like an addict in rehab or something!

Mom wanted to make mitch a care package so we went to the store just now and bought about every type of candy/snack/treat/drink that could be sent anywhere! I think she is still in denial about the whole thing because she loves him more than me hehe.

I got a reallllllll cute dress today, I think you would approve:)

enchantedhappy said...

i loved 500DOS .. everything about it! you should see it, its super cute! (and you have time)

woah ur taking serious measures, i like it.. wow password changes and everything!! busy reading ur post about no-fb, ur so frikkin inspiring GOSH, and determined and ... youre a legend. so proud of you. and excited!!! i am quite keen to do it, too. was talkin to jessica about it, she did it for lent. she said she did so much homework haha. im seriously considering it, but if i think about it, i actually am really proud of the way i use fb. even if i wantd, i cudn be on for hours. i use it mostly to stay in contact with (yes i mean stalk) my friends overseas. like YOU. and the islc kids. and my two best friends here who moved away. fb chat is so handy to catch up ya know. i dnt know if im makin excuses, but i fl like iv done well of not lettn fb take over my life.. im not thinkin 'ooh this just happened, change my staus' like so many other ppl are. which im proud of. i dno.. we'll see.
awww mom... yeah this happened with one of my other friends too. bc they bcome part of the family, he was part of your moms life too.. aww man.. a care package sounds cute tho :) hope he is grateful (i never know how to spell it!!!!)
yay a dress!! [stalker photos please]

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