Thursday, April 22, 2010

to share another cup of tea with you*

currently obsessed with indigo. ankle boots. strong coffee. orchids. and 'make you feel my love'.

this. is what i feel like doing right now. it would be perfect :)
i got to chat to andreas this evening :) yay finally! i have missed him. yay and he's home for a week on saturday* this evening we went to the waterfront. i picked out the most gorgeous underwear in the whole wide world. and i listened to my new obssesion over and over. and i had a strange encounter with two men. one sincere, one stupid. i also [ohmygosh] found.. oh let's just say, i touched it and i knew. even my dad sighed a sigh of appreciation. i looked in the mirror and .. i've never experienced it before. it must be love. i honestly feel like i was born for that moment. destiny reigned down upon me. it's.. wow.
i was planning outfits all around the store. ahhh <3
tomorrow, the weekend begins. a whirlwind of bonding it shall be. yet i shan't be receiving smses from victoria. which saddens my heart.
" make you feel my love."
enchantedhappy xoxo

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