Thursday, April 22, 2010

and this is where emotion flares*

i spent a lot of today blog stalking. and trying to keep the people in the office calm. i was genuinely scared for them. stress levels were higher than i can handle. and i decided that i might actually love paris. shocking, i know haha. and i decided on the concept for the shoot i will do with miss fortuin and B. yes.
i listened to much deathcab and taylorswift. and i had chocolate. delicious chocolate.
im in love with these tights. they were used in almost every editorial i loved last month. i want to wear them with docs. someone get me docs! oh and iv decided on some more presents to allocate. and i am really and truly for real in love with 15 on orange. danna is going to have her birthday there. at the bar im obsessed with. we're are going for drinks there next week. "champagne and lovely frocks" says danna. woopwoop* um lisa can u please organise a masked ball for me there? thank you*

today, i saw a man who plaited his beard. and i saw ricardo (shout out to st jaaames*) looking so great. wearing an amazing trench coat. this morning i was super ..on the edge. [see twitter for exhibit a. and b] aaand i drank normal tea and actually enjoyed it. and i found the next book i want to read. it's called 'perfect' by a lady named emily. im really excited to read it. oh. roz, scarlett and i are all contemplating reintroducing the fringe into our lives.
currently obsessed with exotic tea. and stalking. of all sorts. and perfume.
and desperate to start writing again. heartbroken that all my brilliant writing from the days in the education system is lost forever.
metrorail. we'll take you there.
enchantedhappy xoxo

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