Sunday, April 25, 2010

"a rising sun in the night time of our fear"..*

the eighteenth-weekend was wonderful. i took something like eight-hundred photos on saturday. they'll be coming soon to a blog near you. i am extremely exhausted, with much work to complete before morning comes this way. but first, i will make some tea.

currently obsessed with: liquid-liner. strawberry smoothies. synonyms. C's modelling career. finding my turquoise eyeshadow. adam (owl city)'s tweets. child psychology.

i should be working. both T and B have kindly reminded me. but i suddenly feel the urge to write. i blame M. i'm going to take advantage of this moment, so i guess the work will have to wait..and i'm okay with that. what i'm not okay with, however, is the amount of time ster kinekor is making me wait to see 'the last song'. but it's only five months eight days til my nineteenth so i think i can make it through :)

i will dream of velvet dresses. of chimes blowing in the wind. and snowflakes dancing in the air. and i will spend tomorrow reading about princesses.

enchantedhappy xoxo


Lis said...

Did you know that picture-- the first one, is in Salt Lake, 10 minutes away from my house? :) LOve it. love your blog. Love you

enchantedhappy said...

the castle...?* jealous!!!

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