Friday, January 22, 2010

a cannonball into the water..*

W is beautiful. it's actually insane how incredibly gorgeous she is. flip. and i love this photograph.
anyway it's like 3am and i should be going to bed. tomorrow is tidy-the-house-bc-people-are-coming-over day. dang. and it's roz's mom's birthday. it's also sarahjane's sister's sixteenth :) yay! technically those are today. but let's not go there. my electric blanket calls to me. all warm and welcoming.. mmm :) but so is my external harddrive..filled with wonderful movies and tv shows.. *sigh* the tough decisions one has to is so difficult without school haha*
i really wanted to end off with some textsfromlastnight quotes, but it's just not working. oh well fml it shall be..
Today, I woke up with my face sharpied. I live alone. FML
Today, at work I was ringing up some tampons for a woman, and I try to interact with the shoppers as much as possible. I was trying to think of something witty or funny to say but drew a blank, so I decided just to say "have a nice night." What I actually said was "have a nice flow". FML
Today, somebody stopped by the front desk at the hotel I work at to report a vehicle had its headlights on. I wrote down the info, including the plate. Hours later, after my shift was over, I finally realized that it was MY vehicle. The battery was dead. FML
Today, I started my job as a consultant at a shop that sells wedding dresses. My first client? The girl my ex-fiancé cheated on me with and left me for. FML
..they just aren't as great as they used to be. still enjoyable though. haha
anyway im listening to the always-magical 'for you i will' ... and wishing for it to be christmas. i will dream of candycanes and pretty lights. expect a christmas-themed post in the near future. unless tomorrow is suddenly christmas. like in that movie they used to play every year. bc then i would be out enjoying it :)
it's clear that i am tired. right now, i would like indigo maryjanes. with very high heels. kinda chunky. soft. velvet. with a detailed gold buckle. yesss :) happy weekend*
enchantedhappy xoxo

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