Sunday, January 24, 2010

faithful friend*

went for a lovely family lunch today. met su ji. she is wonderful and sweet and im going to tutor her on saturdays now :) also, today i learnt the impact one person can have on others. aunty faith has been the most wonderful friend. a friend who, true to her name, has been unbelievably faithful over the many many (like fifty..) years of friendship with my ma. and she's been a light to my entire family. in ways i cannot even begin to explain, but which were summed up so beautifully this afternoon. and to quote my dad and su ji, "i want a friend like you" .. the power of friendship. true, honest friendship. overflowing with love. it's incredible. wow*

oh these photos were taken in their garden today. theyr kinda cropped randomly bc i made them big, but that's too bad. anyway, i had a good day. it was sunny :) and i got a new bracelet which i got to wear* also, many many sweets were eaten. yay leftover party* more to come about the sweetest sixteenth later!
enchantedhappy xoxo

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i heart the flowers*

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