Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i can't keep you*

so i just came back from.. wait for it.. a run!!! yes. shocking, i know... *dont tell people*

P just called, from Argentina :) yay* haven't heard his voice in quite a while, twas so good to speak to him.. lol. and he's coming to South AFrica for the 2010 world cup!! as everyone should. YAY*

Listening to The Raveonettes.. right now.. Blush is playing, and i'm loving it :) i actually studied a lil today. i found past exams we'd been given, so i had no excuse not to work. it was kinda helpful..*

I am missing the MTW/ISLC krew.. *moment of heartbreak* we've been inboxing loooong details of our lives on fb. but it's just not the same.. *tear* .. i'm gonna write the postcard soon. i worked out today. (on the practise exam is was doin) that im gonna spend hundreds of Rands on postcards and postage .. but it will be worth it :)

okay im goin to go buy sweets xoxo

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