Thursday, October 29, 2009

just enjoy the show*

i kinda studied today.. and then i got bored and read magazines.. teen vogue and the US seventeen to be specific :) i'm busy planning my potential travels next year. looking up flights from dublin to LAX .. really excited* can't wait to see the ISLC krew again!

listening to lenka :) caught up in the moment.. not the right one, though.. *sigh* i need to focus but it's just not happening. anyway, making plans for Halloween YAY my favourite day of the year, other than my birthday* but i wont be sharing it with u, A, even tho your friend spoke very highly of u last night. i remembered why i changed my mind. perhaps i shall share it with you someday. but u will always be my charles, whether you like it or not :)

hmm.. ooh im gna maybe have some highwaisted skirts made for me today, YAY! and i found a black and white romper i would very much like. and a pair of shoes that make me want to be a lil more windswept, a lil more in trouble.. the good kind* and that is exactly what i will be doing. bc it's just not fun any other way. you are so right, L.

embrace the sunshine xoxo

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