Saturday, May 11, 2013

What is love

Love is
the way you look at me
even over Skype
and you know that I need to laugh
so you do magic tricks
and ask me about the sky today
until i say something about how i can't look away
from your smile and i
see gold sparkles when you laugh

Love is
when she sends me messages filled with words like
'hope' and
'light' and
'you are going to change the world'
Love is the way she'd send them the moment I wake up
ten seconds after I decide I'm too sad to get out of bed

Love is
driving to the ocean at midnight
because I want icecream and the stars
Love is your heartbeat at 3am
because I can't sleep without it
Love is knowing how I like my tea
and making it a little sweeter when I'm tired

Love is
receiving a handwritten letter
Love is
a crochet blanket from my grandmother
Love is
the way my grandfather wanted to die after his wife did
because he made his life with her
and what is life without the one you love
is cheese on everything
when you make me dinner after therapy
You are love Love is you

And I love you
even though I didn't believe in it until I accidentally
said it when I asked him not to leave
And I love you in ways I didn't know I could
I love you For ever
For ever
Every day every night every time I am lost

Love is the way my eyes flutter
when a little girl laughs
and you smile cautiously
Love is
all the books you hide in after sunset
and all the books I found myself in before sunrise
Love is yes
Love is no
Love is

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