Saturday, May 18, 2013

Home is

I have found home

In the way his eyes shine when he walks towards me 

In a university cafeteria where the chocolate milk tastes like the kind I'd drink with cereal before the school bus came

In getting off a plane and looking up at the sky, the clouds a familiar pink

I have found home in waiting rooms
between magazines and names being called

I have found home

In the rush of being backstage, waiting in the wings 
I have found home 

In the moment before he makes a quick joke, while I wait for it to come

I have found home with room service pizza and foreign television

I found home in the palms of trusting boys who take my hand to meet their families

I found home while walking through markets of dusty streets and bright colours 

I have found home in the way the stars look through the car window while we're driving home

I have found home

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