Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our life as art.

I'd like to wake up in a room that filled with sunlight, next to a man whose eyelashes whisper that it's a new day, filled with possibility  It would be wonderful if we spent afternoons wandering through art museums, and it would be even more wonderful if the people we walk past would smile because it's clear that we are completely in love. I'd like for us to have quiet days where I put on something soft and off-the-shoulder, and you hold me in your arms. I would like days of you wearing a soft flannel shirt, the one I wear on mornings when I wake up from a bad dream. I'd like to spend evenings watching the city lights show up and sparkle; and it would be very lovely if we sat on our  lounge floor and read books about places we've explored together. I'd like it if sometimes I looked up and you were just, staring at me, like I was the brightest star in your universe. I would like it if sometimes, while we are laughing during dinner, you would get up and ask me to dance. I'd especially like it if we danced around a room filled with music off records as old as our grandparents; a room filled with beautiful books collected over the years our love has grown. I'd love to spend every moment of my life, in love, and smiling because our life is art.

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