Friday, January 25, 2013

A perfect moment

I've never seen the sky as magnificent and captivating as it is tonight. I've never been silenced by its beauty, so strongly that I could not look away. It is a pale, glowing pink at the horizon, reaching up in shades of dusty violet; and just below the moon, the skies are a charming misty blue. The kind of blue I'd want to smile at, and dance through the evening with. The moon is full, bursting with light so bright that it really looks like golden glitter is falling from the moon.

I've not seen the constellations so perfectly clear, and I have never been able to see all the pale twinkling stars in between. I can literally see them twinkle! It's like they're dancing around the big stars, saying 'Hi, look at me twirl, I'm beautiful too,' and they are, they really are so beautiful.

The longer I stare up, the more it feels like I can see the moon and stars revolve around where I stand. I begin to see them all as tiny puppets on strings in a wonderfully-made school project, slowly moving along as the earth travels. Stars dancing just for me, a little girl created to be awestruck.

I've been sitting on my balcony, my bedroom filled with the scent of cinnabuns (which, to me, is the scent of the heavens) and the sound of Michael Buble's incredible big-band songs filling the cool, night air. My neighbours are having a party, and I am alone on my balcony floor. I catch myself thinking, 'I wish there was someone with me,' looking at the door every few minutes, asking myself who I was expecting. It wouldnt be my mom who, when I said 'the sky is so perfect, come look!' said, 'Isn't it just dark.' but even if I could pick anyone, who?

Holding my perfect little cat, I realised that no one would feel the magic of the stars as deeply as I am right now, as deeply as I'd want them to. She purrs around me, while I wrap myself tighter in my wine-red   jersey. I smile, and watch her play gently with the tiny bells that hang on my door. She climbs onto the windowsill to give me a soft kiss, and I can't help wondering why I was given all the magic in the universe in this one night. 

There are two pine trees in the distance, perfectly silhouetted by the pink sky, and further on I watch the city lights melt into each other, a hundred shades of electric-gold. While my cat plays with the ribbons on my shoes, I whisper 'God, you are indescribably brilliant',and I hope one day I will be able to fill someone's heart with as much light and hope and promise as the sky tonight gave me. 

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