Friday, January 25, 2013

Wishing on my skin

I spent this morning on my balcony in a white tshirt, smiling about the sun and about how perfect my cat is. I mostly just watched her play around me, and dance around the shadows made by the trees above us.

I wrote things I dreamed of, things I hope for, all over my skin. Light blue words, bright pink poems, happy yellow stars. My wrists, my thighs, the inside of my ankle, my hips, my collarbone, around my knees. Covered in the things my heart is saying.

And then I just lay there, staring at my skin in the sun, and it felt like everything shines brighter. Even better than that, it felt like one day I'd learn to love my body again, loving it for the strength it holds even when my heart is broken. Loving it for not giving up even when everything within me asked it to.

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