Thursday, January 6, 2011

it was the middle of summer*

 to whom it may concern,
you make me nervous. -when all i want to do is sit next to you on the couch. when you smile at me across the room bc you know what im thinking. when you walk towards me and suddenly i can't breathe bc my tummy is filled with butterflies. but mostly, you make me nervous bc i trust you. so much. id trust you with my everything.
but if i trusted you with my everything, it wouldnt be fair. my everything today is what she calls "a burdensome truth". when im alone i think too much and i can't turn it off. when im with you, i don't think at all.
and we can't be in almost forever.
sincerely, me.
also. please don't pretend that you care.
you don't get to switch it on or off.
if you can't choose, i don't want it.

on a lighter note: skypedate tomorrow yessss.
{another rainy day by corrinebaileyrae}

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