Thursday, January 6, 2011

the sun hung from a string*

 "You're the sky that I fell through
And I remember the view"
 [images via sarahjane]
im sorry, so sorry, that everything ends up about what i did wrong. im sorry i ask for more. im sorry it looks like i don't care; i promise it's the exact opposite. im sorry i ruin things. i'm sorry they notice. im sorry you don't get the attention until im away, when you hate it the most. im sorry. and i promise im doing my best to fix it.
 i wish: i were anywhere near as smart as you are. you knew how incredibly proud i am of you. you felt how much i love you. you could tell how much i regret. you realised how insanely cool you are. you looked at me and saw possibility, not controversy. you everything you dare to dream, and a thousand times more; bc no one deserves it more than you do.
"Circle me and the needle moves gracefully
Back and forth, if my heart was a compass you'd be North
Risk it all cause I'll catch you if you fall
Wherever you go, if my heart was a house you'd be home"
 {heavy in your arms by florence+themachine}

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