Thursday, January 6, 2011

but ive seen it done before*

"honey, im hoooome"
lol ive always wanted to say that.
and it's my blog and i can say what i want. so boom, there it is.
after a beach holiday where it rained almost every day, i feel surprisingly refreshed.
(or maybe it's bc i woke up and the sun was actually shining and i could actually see the sky) and highly anticipant (is that a word?) for the future.
for my future.
even though il be doing exponentially less than i initially planned, this year in particular. 
bc i think you may have scared me into caring about myself.
so maybe. eventually. things will stop spinning.
 and in three hours, i have a very important appointment. more important than a long-awaited weekend away, apparently. and a life-recap blog shall take place when i get back. i know your dying to know, haha.
today's note-to-self:
enjoy the sunshine, or the rain.
dear americans, youre all away, even molly. i miss you.
it's almost weekend :) as if i'd notice.
{opposite way by leeland}

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