Monday, December 13, 2010

hey, soul sister*

my dearest forever friend, you're eighteen today!
i hope you spend the day feeling like a princess*
  i hope you wake up smiling after a magical dream, and a deep sense of anticipation for this incredible day. i hope that today is filled with beautiful weather, perfect moments, delicious food, hysterical laughter, amazing opsmile presentations (i know they'll be GREAT), romantic letters, flowers, perfume, love songs and sparkly things.
 i can't wait for all my friends here to meet you. and for us to have epic south african adventures! you are so beautiful, inside and out. no matter which college you go to or what you decide to major in, you will inspire others with your positivity, sense of purpose and brilliant smile. you have a maturity beyond your years and your heart is always in the right place, lead by Christ.

You inspire me every single day. And simply hearing your "hiiii" can literally make everything feel better.

It's super cool that you share a birthday with taylorswift! i hope that today really is a fairytale*

i laaaaav you, forever and always xoxo

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Lis said...

i love you.

i'm really in tears right now!!

You make days like today perfect.

so fortunate to have you in my life. Really. Ahh. What would I ever do without you?

Can't wait to see you soul sister.

love youuuuuuuuuuu! :)

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