Monday, August 23, 2010

takes my hearts place*

remember these? ahh good times.. stjoseph's memories. currently reading: we wish to inform you that tomorrow will be killed with our families: stories from rwanda by philipgourevitch. and 70 great christians: the story of the christian church by geoffreyhanks. still can't finish perfectmatch by jodipicoult. it's just... so heartbreaking, reading the kid's thoughts. he shouldn't be feeling like that. ever. let alone while he's so young. he's five, for goodness sake. five. oh gosh, i don't think i'll ever finish it..
jessicasmith, just read your 'thankyou elc' post..“once family, always family.” awww. and ohmygoodness i just discovered goodreads. it's he coolest thing! have u got it, miss adachi? i think youd love it! ive been on it for like.. seven hours straight, im so addicted!!! my mom is laughing at me for getting so excited at every new option, "andrea, get a real friend". #gottalovefamily (yes i am bringing twitter into every moment, bc i can) rightnow im: updating my 43things. currently reading: britt's romantic post aaand her amazing list of why it's great to be single. this whole morning i thought it was nextweek monday, and was kinda freaking out. haha, turns out it's only august23, calm down everyone. everything is suddenly so soon* lastnight escalated so quickly. and then i found an sms from you on may tenth. is it lame that that's the only thing that calmed me down? probably. but youre still in my life, and youre still the one i want to run to. so i guess that's a good sign.
so much happened this weekend. it seems all my adventures happen with especially with lisafortuin these days, haha we are so great.  but i guess ill blog about my thoughts and experiences some other time. i just bought cranberryjuice and a cranberryalmond bar. and a magazine i played a part in creating. tonight i will go enjoy those :) and that yummy green tea with jasmine mmmm. i don't feel like thinking or analysing. i just want to: complete the essay i began this morning. paint my nails barbie pink. search for more colleges in hawaii. but im mostly just smiling to myself about the INCREDIBLE people i have in my life. thankyou, amazing friends. you make me so happy, make my heart feel complete. sweet dreams to you all*

enchantedhappy xoxo

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