Sunday, July 4, 2010

your reunion was the cutest*

vespertine \VES-per-tin\, adjective:
1. Of, pertaining to, or occurring in the evening.
"To my own ear, I sound hyperpoetic, and I don't mean to exaggerate these vespertine moods; I think that this restlessness that I am describing was really quite ordinary."
-Peter Gadol, The Long Rain
you gave me the most wonderfully princess and "absolutely andrea" skirt in the whole wide world. and i spent tonight twirling around. and telling people "i'm a princess,look!" im glad you got to witness it, otherwise you may not have believed me... wait, i kinda doubt that. lol 
[these shoes are pretty. maybe i will find them for my birthday outfit.] yesterday was the three months mark. and i found the place. and decided on the dresscode (okay,that one was obvious) and the guestlist. and the activities. yay nineteen* yay princess skirt!

it makes me want to have a romantic picnic here. spending the afternoon in the sunshine. just being. us.
and then to walk home through here with the sunset. and him.
and then on the way to watch the stars we'd have this*(even yummier than today's spoonlesschocolatecustard) and dance around above the city lights.
and if i can't have him (although i'm really really hopeful) then loganlerman would be a fantastic secondbest :)
[everyone is telling me to watch skins these days. had the most brilliant night with the sggs crew. (thankyou chad for having your drivers. and britt for having a car. jack is ..."powerful") i hope you had fun, birthdaygirl! "this is the skin of a killer." "'s the skin of a mylittlepony" -ru is too legit. almost as legit as warren and greg. sandbar for life* ]
[an independence day wish, just for you*]
"we don't remember days, we remember moments" -but what if the days become the moments? or the moments are the days?
enchantedhappy xoxo

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