Friday, July 23, 2010

steppin out in more than decent*

"I love to read. There's something about words that just fascinates me. 26 letters. We all know them. We all use them. We all use the same letters to form words and sentences- stories, novels and works. It amazes me how with something we are all given- someone can create the extraordinary. The way words are perfectly formed into a delicate song or ballad of adventure, romance, trial, desire, goals, trials, and decisions to makeup a whole other world that I can escape to.. Picking up a book and within those two or three hundred pages, there is an entire life- a world and an adventure of someone else that I get to be an intimate part of. I just love it."
stalking celebs. for work. sterling knight (aka chad in sonnywithachance. or alex from 17again.) has some legit names in his family. his sister is samantha scarlett. his brother: spencer shuga. his mom is georgia girl. and his rap middle name? sandmann. "I, umm, it's pretty bad.. I'm not kidding… I will show you my ID…"

stalking ilostmy(in)sanity. and dosomething. still craving orangejuice. and jellytots. super excited to see inception. all the emails im sending out today are the colour of crushed berries. ive done everything on today's list. except that one file. i hate plastic sleeves. danna went out to get salad, and came back with the perfect romper and belt. you know, chad it would be lovely if i wore a pretty dress and you suited up on.. oh, i don't know.. september twenty-third? just sayin.

enchantedhappy xoxo

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