Thursday, July 22, 2010

the lies you spun like a sorceror*

she is wise beyond her years. insightful. creative. opinionated. free-spirited. twelve.
she has tea parties, true to elizabethan rituals. reads history books. teaches herself foreign languages. and this week, she can't go to bed before she watches her favourite scenes from 'alexander' (the specific edition she approves of).

my cousin is staying with me tonight. theyr all covering up a lie that (having watched enough tv in my life) i know will ruin her, even if it's in the long run. or maybe i'm thinking of myself. always looking for an excuse, for justification. perhaps she is stronger. perhaps she is able to put things into perspective and to see the pure motive behind their actions. either way, i'm against this.
we spent tonight googleimage-stalking horses, for her art project. i wouldve loved to go to her school. 
but flip, im so glad im done. went to my old highschool the other day (oh, the things i do for opsmile.. lol) and left more furious than ive been in a while. furious. and frustrated. so glad i got out. and i felt pity for those caught up in their moment of authority. spiralling through this system as though it's their realm to rule, without consequence. without consideration for the lives theyre meant to be shaping.-but hey, education systems that prepare you for life, that's only theoretical. why would one think that's actually how it plays out in real life. (yes, it is bitterness that you sense)

before, i loved school. to loser-ish degrees. but highschool was painful. i made the most incredible friends, and for them i will be forever grateful. cried my heart out as we sang goodbye. but i cried for them. i cried for the memories and the relationships. and i cried tears of intense relief. i cried thankful tears and sighed 'finally' sighs. i pray that she will never have a moment like that. that these last few years of the safety net (or the barrier) of school will be years of enlightenment. of inspiration. fulfillment and joy.
and i pray that tonight we will both dream sweetly*

enchantedhappy xoxo

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