Thursday, July 1, 2010

stay a while*

completely conincidental yet extremely priceless moment. moonstruck forever* and wow blackbelt. thankyou. i don't even have a worthy response. you are almost as amazing as me. haha! -not a joke. 
dear girl-in-this-picture. you're cute. but you should know.. i'm cooler than you. mostly bc: i have an electric blanket under my sheet. i have pink fairylights. i'm drinking the most delicious rooibostea outv a pretty porcelain teacup. i am not wearing pearls on my wrist, but thirteen sillybands -dinosaurs and sealife, to be exact. i'm reading the newnew teenvogue. and victoria's [amazing] new blog.  
[if you weren't my person. i'd wish for one as great as you. -actually, id probably be sitting in a corner being emo. with no one to just accept lol. five years is a long time, kid. let's not test the theory]
 tomorrow used to be called friday. but it became 'fruity friday'. and now it's known as 'fancy fruity friday'. hoping for suiting up at work tomorrow :) for scarlett's wedges and tamlin's "devil wears prada shoes". and we all love the green floral shirt, scar! -just sayin. and happy birthday ashley tisdale. [can't wait for my holliemail from dublin to arrive]

songs of tonight: never leave you by tinchystryder. the girl can't help it by lmfao. my generation by thewho. thought she knew by thesingletrack. don't steal our sun by thrills.

enchantedhappy xoxo

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