Thursday, July 1, 2010

banana! no..*

 currently my desktop wallpaper. and tomorrow will be a pinklipstickday*
kinda loving these feathery skirts. [apparently. these days, i scream in my sleep. wow. things just got to a whole new level.]  
 [jessicasmith, it doesn't feel real that you're here. it's insane. but at the same time, the way the three of us were laughing on the couch about the randomest things -"i want the dinosaur sillybands! do not lick the teenvogue! waaait, we'll leave now"...feels like we've never been apart. -let alone for a year! so good to have you here. gosh. ]finally realised why it's called lafytaffy (thanks, jessica haha). joke that reminds me of you: "[68] Q: what did one autumn leaf say to another? A: i'm falling for you."

[last friday without your tattoo, tb!] miss adachi, all this is making me super excited for next summer. can't wait to experience all this with you :) i'll email you soon. forever and always*
enchantedhappy xoxo

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