Wednesday, June 30, 2010

she doesn't believe in love*

[still realllly want those tights!]  reading frailbeauty is scaring me. like 'are you living in my head? are we living the same life? is everyone living like this?' gosh*
reminds me of the movies when the girl comes down the staircase for a date or for prom or bc suddenly her bf admits he's a prince and she had to wear a ballgown to an event. and the music is lovely. and the boy's everything stops and he just whispers 'wow'. and then i remember that episode of tenthingsihateaboutyou where kat does it :)
i have 'say you don't want it' stuck in my head. the video is random to the max. but emma watson is so incredible i don't really care about the quality lol. it's cute though. it's basically them fighting and then they make up and be cute together. her bf is the band guy aka guy from burberry shoot. and her outfit is amazing. as faran pointed out, it's a really nyc video, even though they're all british. they're just running around stopping at newyorkish places. and then, outv nowhere: the "lady and the tramp-inspired" ending. boom. i like it* yay for onenightonly.

okay flip. must do work. stop procrastinating. this is fun work, why aren't you just doing it? goodness! i wish i could wear the pink tutu highwaistedskirt tomorrow. maybe i'll go buy it this weekend. it's princessy and fun.

enchantedhappy xoxo

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